Terms of Service


Terms of Service and Disclaimer

UVs Corporate Interiors llc. shall have no liability for loss of anticipated profits or consequential damages. No claim for damages may be asserted against the Contractor unless such claim exceeds USD520.00. Damages shall only be imposed in the form of credits to be issued by the Contractor for future work. The Contractor’s liability shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the price paid by the Customer for the services that are the subject of the dispute. Additionally, it is expressly agreed that the Contractor assumes no liability for any project/specification services where the fee is USD520.00 or less.

UVs Corporate Interiors llc. takes no responsibility for changes to a project unless they are communicated to UVs Corporate Interiors llc. in an agreed upon manner and within a pre-agreed time frame for project return.

UVs Corporate Interiors llc. will be responsible for checking correctness of product description and type. The Customer is ultimately responsible for the submittal of the electronic file (SIF) to Teknion LTD. and Teknion LLC.

UVs Corporate Interiors llc. will not be liable for any errors due to inaccuracies in dimensions provided by the Customer. Corrections or changes to dimensions will be handled as a change order and may affect the dates for completion, pricing and delivery by UVs Corporate Interiors llc.

UVs Corporate Interiors llc. requires the Customer to appoint a person to be responsible to field questions and respond with answers to queries, posed by their personnel, in a timely fashion. Questions not responded to (promptly) will result in delaying the completion of the project.

For Spec Check requests, UVs Corporate Interiors llc. liability shall be limited to the amount charged for Auditing services rendered for any project.